M.W. ~College Advancement Webmaster, Florida

I had a call today from another company asking if I wanted to change to a new CMS.....I told them 'NO WAY!  We are so happy with NovusCMS."

B.K. ~Web Services Manager, Florida

I want to thank you and your team for your prompt response on fixing last minute issues with NOVUS 4.5. Believe me I understand how busy your team is, especially during the implementation of new version of your software. Sometimes we take tech support for granted, personally I know how difficult it is to troubleshoot what others have done. You have a great team and thank you for keeping up with my requests.

P.S I have been training our users on new NOVUS and the satisfaction rate is 100 % (yes 100%) not one negative comment on the software!

R.C. ~Learning Resources Division Chair, Georgia

Thank you very much. This is exactly what [our campus] needed. I am very much looking forward to using this system.

B.R. ~Associate V.P. Learning Resource Technology, Illinois

NovusCMS has helped [our college] manage the growth of our website while providing a uniform look and feel for our users. At the same time, our users have a simple interface to update website content. We look forward to becoming more effective users of NovusCMS.

B.P. ~Webmaster, New Jersey

Thank you all for all your help and cooperation.

M.W. ~Coordinator of Website and Public Relations, Florida

As always, it is a pleasure working with Novus. Thanks for all of your help the site really looks great.

C.M. ~Coordinator Web Services, North Carolina

Thanks for all your hard work and help!!