Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stabililty, Simplicity, Functionality

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While NovusCMS was originally (2001) a unique proprietary system, we quickly found the joy and power of programming with the open-source movement.  For several reasons, we chose to hitch our wagon to the Umbraco project.  Ever since, we have been implementing the Umbraco core with slight modifications specifically made for the public sector.  The mantra that has guided our development has been "stability, simplicity, and functionality."   This mantra serves as both priority list and guiding principles.

Recently I was reading the Umbraco forum and found this tidbit of insider information:   "One of the main mantras behind Umbraco, and further enshrined in Umbraco 5, is 'flexibility, extensibility and simplicity.' "

While our lists are slightly different, I think it shows how wonderfully matched we are.  There is a certain rhythm that flows through both; different but parallel.

It's nice to have found our niche.